A Flamingo Fly In

Around our house you never know who’ll drop by, or should I say fly in?  

And a couple of weekends ago was certainly no exception. 

Imagine our surprise when we woke up one morning to find two new little flamingos in the pool. Being watched over by our large mama flamingo. We didn’t even know she was expecting little ones! And then, just imagine our surprise that night when we came outside to find the new flamingos all lit up, glowing in the dark, while Mama watched over them!  

Even more surprising, when we got up the next morning, there were more little flamingos in the pool, huddled around Mama and the other little ones! They all looked just as happy as can be, and we were delighted to have them join their friends and family in Flamingo Cove!  

And they quickly made themselves at home, perching on our pool fountain, resting in the lounge chairs, lining up on the diving board to practice their flamingo flips, you know, all the things flamingos love to do!  

But what they really enjoyed was perching themselves around our outdoor bar and taking turns playing bartender! They were really waiting for Ben to come out and make drinks for them, but he was a little too slow! So what’s a flamingo to do but take control of things!?   He was also too slow bringing out the shrimp, and a couple of them had to explain to him that shrimp were extremely important, especially with their margaritas!  

And what they really, really liked was when I made them each a necklace with their name on it! Since flamingos all look alike, at least to us, we knew we had to find a way to tell them apart, so last weekend we presented them with their own special necklaces for Felicia, Frankie, Foxy, Freckles, Freddy, and Fabian. They loved them!  

It’s much easier to talk to them now when they come up to us while we’re floating in the pool, because we can call them by name. They really like that. And we’ve had some really good conversations with them, too. Seriously. You wouldn’t believe the things flamingos are able to discuss!  

Yes, you just never know who’ll be dropping by, and sometimes when you least expect it!    If you have a pool, and live in our neighborhood, watch out, because they’re telling all their friends this is a great area to move to! You never know who you’ll find swimming around one of these mornings.   

So be sure to keep a big bag of frozen shrimp in your freezer!  

(And if you want your very own lighted flamingos, be sure to check them out on Amazon.)