National Pink Flamingo Day

Of all people, you’d think I’d know it was today. National Pink Flamingo Day! How could I forget!?

Now I know why the flamingos were all looking at me today like I’d forgotten something. They even asked me what we were having special for dinner tonight! Really?? They usually fend for themselves, so why would they ask me such a question?

And then I saw it on Facebook, of all places! National Pink Flamingo Day.

Oh my gosh, did I ever screw up! I should’ve bought several pounds of shrimp, along with several bottles of wine or margarita mix, so they would be able to properly celebrate!

I should’ve had a special flamingo cake made for them, or at least some special flamingo cookies.

Maybe some specialty drinks….or lots of specialty drinks.

And decorations, of course! After all it’s a special day.

But since it’s been raining here all week, it would’ve been a really soggy celebration, and it wouldn’t be near as much fun without being able to go in the pool and swim, enjoy cocktails at the outside bar, and of course steam all the shrimp on the grill so they could have a royal feast!

Yes, I admit I am a bad flamingo keeper. And Ben is a bad Leader of the Flock, because he forgot as well.

So, to make it up to them, I promised that the first sunny and warm weekend we have, we will have a real celebration. With shrimp, and drinks, and decorations, and even some pink flamingo leis for them to wear around their necks!

So now we really need to get ready for this event. Even though we don’t know when it’ll be. With the way the weather’s been going, it’s hard to say. But one thing we’re sure of, it will be an event to remember!

So to our flamingos, and to all the flamingo fans around the world, Happy Pink Flamingo Day!