Sailing Into Your Sunrise

I’ve never heard that term before but I read it in a book the other day. The character was discussing setting a date for her upcoming wedding, and told her sister she was ready for her real life to begin. “I’ve waited years to sail into my sunrise.” (Seabreeze Wedding by Jan Moran)

An interesting way to look at life, isn’t it?

We hear a lot of people talking about sailing into the sunset with friends or loved ones. I’ve even said that as well on occasion. We picture the sun setting on our old life, perhaps because of a job change we didn’t anticipate; major changes in a relationship; changes in our finances. Or just being tired of the same old thing and wanting to embark on a whole other thing!

But when thinking about it further, and comparing it to sailing into your sunrise, there’s a really big difference, isn’t there?

Because a sunrise signals a beginning. A new adventure that’s ahead. New things to try and new people and places to discover.

A sunset is beautiful but it signals an ending. The end of a day most certainly, but also it could be the end of other things in your life. Things that you didn’t want to end, perhaps, but they ended nevertheless.

But a sunset is always followed by a sunrise. There’s always that new chance, that new opportunity that a sunrise brings. 

Don’t let yourself wait years to sail into your own sunrise. If there’s something you want to do or to accomplish, there’s no better time than now to set sail into that sunrise and take charge of what is waiting for you.

Yes, there will always be other sunrises, but none just like the one before you right now.

So take charge, set your sails, and sail into it. While you still have the chance.