You Don’t Want to Be Like Anyone Else

You just want to be you. Because that’s who you are. There’s only one you.

Only one person in the world exactly like you. Others may look a bit like you, like a lot of the same things you do, even dress similarly. But there are still differences.

Even identical twins have slight differences. And sometimes only they can know the differences. But they’re still there.

You’re unique. You are wonderfully and perfectly made to be exactly who you are.

So instead of wanting to be like someone else, cherish your uniqueness.

Because there’s someone out there who wants to be like you!

Be Yourself…No Matter What

Because if you’re not yourself, no one else will be.

And what would the world be without one of you? It just wouldn’t be the same.

You’re unique. An individual unlike anyone else. You touch lives every day and don’t even realize it.

Even identical twins have a few characteristics that make them unique.

So the next time you’re feeling down on yourself, feeling unimportant, just remember…

There’s only one you, and if you weren’t around, there’d be no one else to take your exact place.