Every Flower Blooms

In its own time.

It doesn’t rush; it doesn’t hurry because someone else wants it to bloom right now.

It doesn’t take in extra nutrients and water to hurry the process along because it knows that would alter or even destroy the beauty that is to come.

It doesn’t fear the storms around it that may threaten the growing blooms because it knows those tiny buds are formed for a specific purpose and they are also designed to withstand those storms.

It doesn’t worry that not everyone will appreciate or even enjoy the beauty that emerges, because it was specifically designed for that one special touch of color and design that will make its area of the garden a more special and perfect place.

But only for a time. The time may be short, lasting only a day or so, or it may last a week or even two. And when it’s time, its beauty begins to fade.

It doesn’t begrudge the fact that its beauty begins to fade; it changes as it ages, as it’s designed to do. There’s even a special beauty in a drying bloom that sometimes only it’s creator appreciates.

But even as that bloom prepares to die and return to the soil that nurtured it, it spreads its seeds that will become more blooms, just like it once was.

And the flower lives on through its descendants, which grow and bloom in its image.

And in their particular appointed time.

Endings Are Only Beginnings

But sometimes it’s very difficult – almost impossible – to believe it. It certainly doesn’t feel like a beginning when something ends.

But otherwise how can something begin if something else doesn’t end to give the beginning a chance to begin?

You might want to read that sentence again.

We all have something we’re struggling with; something we know we need to give up, but we still keep hanging on. Why? There are lots of reasons, but here are the main ones:

We think things will improve.

We don’t want to hurt anyone.

We don’t like change.

We’re afraid of the unknown.

They’re all valid fears. But…change is a necessary part of life. Change is required to grow.

But change isn’t fun. Neither is uncertainty. And that’s the really scary part. We feel backed into a corner, with no means of escape. No way to make our life better.

No place to run and hide. No place to go to where our life will be settled again. No one to go and hide with, or to make the problems easier because there’s no one there to help us. Something in our life has ended, and we just can’t go on any longer.

It’s just us…against the world. Us beginning to fight our way out of the hole we think we’re in. Us trying to claw our way out of a dark and lonely place we think won’t get better no matter what we do. We just can’t see how we’re going to get out of this place we find ourselves in. The ending has happened and there’s no way we can turn it around.

Or is there?

Remember, endings are also beginnings.